Yunisa Putri

Bio: My name is Yunisa Putri (in @JeanDeBellevie, I wrote my name as Y.P.) This is my personal blog. I also write and curate some writings in my first publishing website, Dialog Asa. Some of you might think I’m just a pervert. Some of you might think I’m wordy. Some of you might hate me, some of you might don’t know if I’m exist. That’s why I’m an escapist, fickle and flighty. But I’m also an ideas-junkie, a brainiac, a smoker, a reader, an ENTP, a geminian, an observer, a movie enthusiast, also a coffee and beers aficionado. I found myself easily engaged in a mentally stimulating discussion, especially when it comes to science, philosophy, and cultural phenomena. I enjoy light talk as well, because sometimes it’s just good to be shallow. Deeply passionate in writing, I’m currently working as a writer and journalist. I graduated from french studies, in which I found myself less passionate with it anymore. I don’t have a dream to go to Paris like any other french’s undergraduates, isn’t it odd? NO. But I love the idea of cruising with gondola on Grande Canal in Venice or spend the afternoon beside the Manhattan bridge. Anyway, why Little Lady Cat? Oh no, I’m not a cat person. I just sometimes wish that I’m a cat. Reasons are personal, thanks.

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